Titanium Fasteners

Our titanium screws provide you with solutions to meet the toughest requirements. In this field, titanium is the most innovative material, and offers several decisive advantages, such as:

The special hot-forging process used by our manufacturers guarantees the highest degree of quality and safety. Breaking and yield points achieved with this process are substantially higher than those to reached using cold forging, which is typical for mass production.

The hot forging process also ensures a continually high production quality and avoids the large flunctuations in quality for the individual fasteners which arise when using a cold forging process. This means that you are on the safe side when your products are subjected to stress cycle- and rim-rolling tests by the technical monitoring authorities.

Especially by your new developed future rims the use of hot-forged titanium screws can be very lucrative. Due to their high strength values you need to use distinctively less hot-forged as cold-forged titanium screws. This saves you altogether costs and assembly time, and offers you more construction and variation possibilities for design (e.g. by mixing the number of fastened titanium screws and of decorative screws (rivets).

And when it comes to design, you can choose between matt, electro-polished, hydro-polished and anodized colored surfaces. If you wish, we can also include microencapsulation.

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